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Behind The Driving Wheel

In-Car Driving Lessons  

Our In-Car Driving Lessons Make You a Safe, Skilled Driver—for Life!

Get Driving Lessons Tailored to Your Needs

Cy-Fair Defensive Driving is here to provide the behind-the-wheel training you need, no matter your age or skill level. We offer driving lessons for all kinds of reasons: earn your first driver’s license, polish your driving skills, master challenging situations, and more.

Driving lessons are not required, but learning to drive from our professional instructor will help you gain skill and confidence on the road. You'll learn and practice everything you need to know to pass the DPS driving test.

Driver Safety

Learn important driving skills and build your confidence

Texas Driving Lesson Requirements

Texas has different requirements for in-car training depending on your age.

Over 18 and Under 25

If you're over 18 and under 25 years old:

· You must complete a 6-hour adult driver’s education course approved by the TEA / TDLR

· You must apply for a learner license/instruction permit

How TX Behind-the-Wheel Training Works

Step 1

Sign Up for TX Driving Lessons

Step 2

Request a Time for Your Lesson between 9 am 3pm Monday through Friday Online! Online! 

Step 3

Learn for the DPS Driving Test (If You Still Have to Take It)

Step 4

Master Safe Driving Skills That Last a Lifetime

Past Test

Max is a DPS Third Party Examiner and has 40 years’ experience with 2.5 million miles driven over-the-road as a professional truck driver

Rate is $80.00 per hour or a 2-hour session for $120.00 paid in advance or try the 1/2 hours session for $100.00

Notice: no refunds if you miss your drive time that is scheduled with us!

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